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Finding your niche
Colin Scotland

Three Simple Questions to Help You Find Your Niche

We’ve all heard the calls ‘you need a niche,’ ‘you can’t serve everybody,’ ’in trying to serve everybody you end up serving nobody,’.

I need not wax lyrical about needing focus in your business and marketing.

You already know you need clarity and focus. You hear it everywhere.

The trouble is how the heck do you get it?

We can’t pluck a niche out of thin air, or choose a target audience at random.

I will share a process I use for getting clarity on what drives you as a human being and direction for what your niche should be.

Three simple questions will change your whole approach.

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Thrive leads and drip
Drip Email Marketing
Colin Scotland

How To Integrate Thrive Leads with Drip

If you have a Wordpress website, Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads are solid options for creating landing pages (Thrive Architect) and opt-ins (Thrive Leads) for your sales funnels.

There are a couple of pains when it comes to how Thrive integrates with Drip that my clients run into regularly, so I thought I’d tackle them in a quick how-to article especially for you.

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The marketing mix and 4ps
Digital Marketing
Colin Scotland

The Marketing Mix: A New Old Definition

What is the marketing mix and what’s more, is it still relevant?

Why do we consider art and science to be at separate ends of a spectrum? Is marketing a science or an art? Or both?

Is it possible to have a perfect blueprint for our marketing? One concept to rule them all.

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The Value Ladder
Digital Marketing
Colin Scotland

What is a Value Ladder and Why Your Business Needs One

Imagine if there was a way to increase the value of every single sale in your business?

What would that look like for you if you were to instantly increase your income by 30%, 50% or 200%? These are the types of results that having a well-thought-out value ladder can quickly bring to your business.

A value ladder is essentially a method of mapping out your product/service offering visually in ascending order of value and price.

The value ladder allows you to cater to your client’s needs no matter where they are at.

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Leads on Twitter
Social Media
Colin Scotland

5 Ways to Get More Leads on Twitter

320 million. That’s how many people use Twitter every single month worldwide.

While it may not be your entire market, it is a big enough number for you to sit up and take notice. Whatever business you are in.

Follow these 5 proven steps to get more leads on Twitter.

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Content Marketing
Colin Scotland

Warning: Contents Could Rapidly Grow Your Business.

If you are in business and want to get a better ROI (Return On Investment) from your marketing spend, this post will open your eyes to a new world of possibility. A visionary approach to getting more leads and sales in your business.

Forget your competitors. What I am about to share with you will render those guys irrelevant.

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